Each broadcasting channel has its own content world. The channel own private content world comprises unique data associated with the different items (for example, the spoken dialect in the program), unique placement laws, categorization of airtime, etc.

The system is designed in a way that it enables high flexibility in terms of customization to the customer's specific content world, parametrically with no need to write a code. Flexibility is provided through the following capabilities:

  • Addition of features to entities without a need for a code
  • Dynamic configuration of a large number of items
  • Multi-level item configuration.
  • Configuration of types of airtime according to the customer's requirements and the world of advertisement in each period.
  • Determination/definition of placement laws appropriate customized to the customer.
  • Configuration of a number of versions to the broadcasting schedule.
  • Flexible rights mechanism

Due to our unique technology, customizations that require code changing can be performed within a very short time and in much lower costs compared to the standard in the industry. The integration of these abilities, coupled with the system high flexibility enable a fast and quality solution for the entire needs and requests raised during the project.

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