Wananchi- Customer Story


The Challenge

Wananchi group established a new broadcaster in Kenya that included 10 different channels.

The topography of the operation was very complex and included a customer in Kenya, an operational office and broadcasting room in the U.K. and a distributed planning and scheduling team in Israel and in Kenya.

Wananchi was looking for an end-to-end backoffice system to help them run the operation smoothly until commencement of broadcasting. 

The customer in Kenya and the broadcast room in U.K. were new to the broadcasting business, which added unique difficulties in working out how to integrate all the necessary parties into this kind of an operation. 


The MBS Solution

Wananchi came to Magic - saw the MBS system and our experienced staff and the deal was done. Magic installed the system in Israel and remotely installed and integrated it with the Kenya and the U.K. offices. The MBS system was delivered fully customized to the parties needs. Magic continued providing dedicated support to ensure a smooth operation. Wananchi met its goals, received a system that uniquely met its needs, and was broadcasting on schedule - within 3 months!

The solution included creating a synchronized workflow process between the offices in London, Israel and Kenya that will fully handle operations, planning & scheduling.


MBS Business Values

  • MBS offers a very fast time-to-market solution being a generic backoffice broadcasting system, which includes a wide range of built-in functionality, and is written as an open flexible environment, which enables short time adjustments to any unique requirements that evolve in the field.
  • An experienced team that can give advice and assistance while building a new station.
  • Great ROI.

About Wananchi 

The Wananchi Group, established in 2007, is the leading provider of cable and internet services in Eastern Africa. As Africa’s pioneering provider of “triple play” (broadband, TV, VoIP) with a cable network passing 40,000 Kenyan homes, Wananchi Group is positioned to become a premier media operator in the region. 

Wananchi’s consumer brand, Zuku, offers the modern African consumer fresh, innovative and affordable options for entertainment and communication. There are currently three commercial products under Zuku namely, Zuku TV (DTH satellite TV covering 10 countries), Zuku Triple Play (a bundled cable offering of TV, high speed broadband & VoIP) and Zuku Biz (a cable SME offering). For more information about our products, please visit our Web site at www.zuku.co.ke 

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