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RGE Group Integrated between the Sports Channel and NOGA Communications


About R.G.E. Group Ltd. 

R.G.E. Group Ltd. is an Israeli-based privately held media group that specializes in a variety of content and production activities, principally for television. The group's main assets include NOGA Communications (www.noga.co.il) and the Sports Channel (www.sport5.co.il). NOGA produces and operates several TV channels in Israel like the Children's Channel; the award-winning Channel 1 Documentary Channel; the Israeli Educational Television; Science Channel 8.

The Sports Channel 5 is the Israel's leading sports channel. The Israeli TV produces and broadcasts five sports channels, from which one is a new media channel and the other four provide “traditional” broadcasting. The top-rated programs broadcasted include "The Champions League Studio", "The Sports News" and "The Press Stand". Its website is one of the most popular in Israel.


The Challenge

RGE Group that holds two broadcast channels - the Sports Channel and Noga Channels in Israel - has sought to streamline and integrate the resources and infrastructure of both channels that until now have been managed as two separate companies, each with its own broadcast room, and completely separate broadcast systems and operations.

Each channel has a completely different persona with its own style of broadcasting and content. One broadcasts  sports, predominantly live, while the other broadcasts TV series and utilizes a broad and varied range of formats, e.g. HD, SD, 3D.

Due to the great difference between both channels and the challenge of integrating their operations, RGE set a 6-month target to achieve this transition.

The integration of activities included:

  • Establishment of a new integrated operation division
  • Establishment of a new communications center that will include state-of-the-art broadcasting rooms and resources
  • Establishment of an innovative modern large broadcasting room
  • Integration of the broadcasting systems into a single system, including maintenance of information and historical content
  • Transition to a tapeless work environment
  • Definition of new procedures and their implementation in each of the integrated work teams


Or Ram, RGE Information Systems Manager: "thanks to the high flexibility of MBS system, we managed to complete a complex and complicated project of channel integration ahead of schedule, while meeting all targets and reducing multiple risks that characterize such projects"


The solution

Magic's MBS system was chosen as it has the flexibility to accommodate each channel's needs in an integrated system. The intuitive User Interface appealed as it allows easy management of complex requirements and enabled consolidation and integration of the information from both companies into a central database. MBS allowed the integration of dictated schedules whilst providing a joint management and operation of the various channels. 

During the project, the MBS system was integrated into the many systems available in both companies, such as: Media Asset Management, Pebble Beach, WIZ and others.  Customizations provided a close integration to the system that interfaces uniformly between the channels without the need for any updates to the receiving party (the external systems).

Thanks to the work with the system, it was possible to maintain varied content that had been saved in an old format without the need of resampling.

The customized design of the entire system and its implementation was executed within 3 months, and was achieved with a minimal disruption or interference to the channels' the day to day operations.

Business values

  • MBS system enabled RGE high flexibility during the project without the need to undertake a complex process of lengthy and expensive customizations.
  • System implementation and the required changes were performed within a short time, which reduced risks and proved very cost effective.
  • Complete maintenance of past data, which enables reuse of the data in the future
  • The MBS model provided a low-risk high-benefit solution as integration is through making small simple changes in MBS system without the need for large-scale changes to existing systems and infrastructure. Long-term projects and exposure to risk was thus avoided. 

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